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How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Bathroom Tiles

Wondering how to remove hard water stains on bathroom tiles in your home? Learn how to address these stubborn stains based on the type of tile.

Hard water stains can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Without a water softener or filter in your home, you may find yourself continuously cleaning in order to reduce the appearance of hard water tile stains. Let the experts at Rainbow Restoration point you in the right direction for how to remove hard water stains and keep them away.

Why Do Hard Water Stains Form?

If you do not have a water softener or filter in your home but need one, you may notice chalky white residue building up in your sinks and showers. This white residue, or hard water buildup, is caused from minerals in the water. Anywhere you use water, is a location where hard water buildup can occur. This includes the showerhead, faucets, shower doors and even the insides of appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher. As water evaporates, the minerals remain, which is what causes the physical stains.

How Can I Remove Hard Water Stains?

Many factors come into play when cleaning your shower tile, including tile type and amount of buildup. Most types of tile can handle store bought household cleaning products, while other stone such as granite require less harmful techniques. Most shower tile is not sensitive and can be cleaned without special products.

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose a cleaner based on the type of tile and grout you will be cleaning.
  2. Clean according to the instructions supplied by the cleaning product’s manufacturer.
  3. Dry thoroughly after rinsing to prevent future staining.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Marble, Granite and Other Sensitive Stone Surfaces

Hard water stains on porous stone tiles like marble or granite in your shower or sink require additional caution. This is especially true for surfaces that had a sealant or polish applied upon installation. When cleaning these types of surfaces, it’s pertinent that homeowners choose a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for the type of surface. Follow all manufacturers’ instructions, including using the type of brush or sponge specified to ensure the safety of your stone surface.

How Can I Prevent Hard Water Tile Stains?

If you utilize the cleaning tips above every two weeks, you can prevent the buildup of mineral hard water tile stains. Another way is to completely dry the surface with a towel or use a squeegee on the shower or sink after it is used. By doing this, you can prevent mineral buildup, thus eliminating hard water tile stains.

Let Rainbow Restoration Help Eliminate Your Hard Water Stains

If you’re encountering hard water stains, the professionals at Rainbow Restoration can help! Our team can help you achieve a deeper clean with our residential hard surface cleaning service. Our experts thoroughly clean your affected surface and also apply a protective sealant that prolongs the just-cleaned look with no extra effort on your part!

Ready to restore your tile’s shine? Choose Rainbow. Schedule an appointment online or contact the Rainbow Restoration nearest you for an in-home consultation.

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