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How to Clean a Microfiber Couch?

Wondering how to clean a microfiber couch at your home or office? Read on to learn the best way to clean a microfiber couch or other microfiber furniture.

Developed in the 1950s and refined until its widespread adoption in the 1990s, microfiber fabric is soft and durable and has a wide array of uses. Because microfiber is densely packed, it’s more resistant to soiling and staining than other fabrics – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require care, especially when it’s covering your well-loved couch.

Read on to learn how to clean a microfiber couch, as the steps will depend on the exact type of fabric you’re dealing with.

The Best Way to Clean a Microfiber Couch

The instructions listed in this blog are for general cleaning. If your microfiber couch or chair is stained, we recommend contacting your local Rainbow Restoration® for professional upholstery cleaning services.

Before you begin gathering solutions or scrub brushes, take a look at the cleaning code assigned to the furniture in question.

Microfiber Cleaning Codes

Not all microfibers are created equal, so make sure you research your furniture’s cleaning codes. You should be able to locate a cleaning code on the label or tag found underneath the cushions. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation for properly cleaning the particular microfiber that coats your furniture.

There are three common cleaning codes for microfiber couches:

  • W: Use only a water-based cleaner
  • S: Use only a dry-cleaning solvent
  • X: Vacuum or clean with a brush only; do not use water or solvent

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Steps for Couches with Cleaning Code “W” or “S”

  1. Select a solution that matches the furniture cleaning code on your couch (either a water-based cleaner or a dry-cleaning solvent).
  2. Spray the cleaner/solvent on the furniture, working one section at a time until complete.
  3. Blot the cleaner/solvent. (Do not rub or scrub.)
  4. Repeat step 3 until the furniture is clean.
  5. Allow the fabric to dry thoroughly.
  6. Rub the dry fibers with a soft, dry brush to return the fabric to its trademark plush feel.

Steps for Couches with Cleaning Code “X”?

If your microfiber is marked with an “X” cleaning code, do not use any type of solution or water to clean it. Otherwise, you can cause damage. Carefully vacuum the surface with a soft brush attachment. If you are unsuccessful, don’t give up! You can still call in professionals to clean your X-labeled microfiber couch or chair with specialized equipment.

The Importance of Regular Microfiber Care and Cleaning

Like any furniture, microfiber couches and chairs require routine cleaning. Regularly cleaning your microfiber furniture will help keep it free of loose dirt, keep debris from grinding into the fabric, and help to reduce the presence of allergens in your home or office.

You can take additional steps to keep your microfiber furniture clean:

  • Routinely vacuum your couch with a soft brush attachment to remove dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hair.
  • After vacuuming, gently rub the fabric with the rough side of a sponge to fluff up the fibers.

How Often Should I Clean My Microfiber Couch?

How often you should clean your couch depends on many factors, including these:

  1. How often do you sit on your couch
  2. Whether or not you have pets in your home
  3. Other behaviors like whether anyone in your household smokes

In general, we recommend cleaning your couch once every two to four weeks. Additionally, we recommend having your microfiber couch professionally cleaned at least once per year.

Choose Rainbow Restoration for Professional Microfiber Care and Cleaning

Want to keep your microfiber couch looking and smelling great for years to come? Hiring professionals to clean your microfiber upholstery every year is key for maintaining its longevity and removing spots and stains. For upholstery cleaning, you can count on, choose Rainbow Restoration. Our local technicians are standing by. Contact the Rainbow Restoration location nearest you.

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