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Discover Signs of Bathroom Water Damage

Discover Signs of Bathroom Water Damage Blog Hero Image

Water damage is not always easy to find, especially in the bathroom. After all, water is a normal occurrence in bathrooms! A broken pipe or fixture is a clear sign of an issue; however, what about the hidden culprits like a cracked shower tile, unstable or old caulking, and grout, or a leaky seal on the base of the toilet bowl where tiny leaks are causing large amounts of damage to floorboards, ceilings, and walls as well as a potential drain on your wallet of thousands of dollars in repairs?

Knowing what to look for in the game of hide-and-seek “water damage style” is vital for property owners who want to prevent extensive water damage in their bathrooms. Consider some of these hints for possible areas of water damage in your bathroom and take action quickly if you find them:

A Soft Floor

If you know your home was built with a wooden floor truss system, the subfloor is most likely made of plywood. If the plywood is subjected to moisture, the subfloor will rot and the floor will begin to feel soft or spongy in places. Your toilet may also feel unstable when you sit down. This could lead to your entire floor collapsing if left unattended.

Trust Your Nose

If you still smell something musty or damp after a thorough cleaning, it is probably due to moisture damage lurking behind the walls. Although many older homes have this smell, rooms with actual damage have a more prominent smell. Sometimes you might not be able to see it but be sure to trust your nose and call in our professionals to find the affected area.

Warped Walls

This is another clear sign that may point to an extensive problem. When drywall absorbs water, it begins to swell and becomes soft. Over time, the damaged area starts to crumble, especially around the baseboards. If you run your hand across the wall and it feels uneven or looks crooked when you look at it, have it checked by our professionals.

Visible Mold

Mold is built from the inside out so that by the time you can see it, no matter how much you scrub, the problem will not go away. You will need the help of our specialists to return your home to a safe place for the whole family.

To prevent dangerous mold from forming and causing deterioration in your bathroom, call your local Rainbow Restoration experts to inspect and repair your bathroom water damage. Stress less and let us restore your home today! You can schedule an appointment online or call to get started.

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