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Conserve Energy This Summer and Restore Your Sanity

Conserve Energy

Don’t lose your sanity when you see the energy bill start to climb during the hot summer months. Rainbow Restoration can help restore sanity and keep summer energy bills down with these tips to conserve energy.

Replace filters

Replace your air conditioning unit filters. This will keep your system running better during the hot summer months. If possible, air conditioners should be kept in a shaded area.

Keep it cool

Set the temperature to 78 degrees when you’re not home. The typical workday is the hottest part of the day and by setting the temperature of your home to 78 degrees you can save money on your energy bill.

Run appliances when the sun goes down

Appliances can generate a lot of heat. You can save money if you run dryers and dishwashers after 8 p.m. Another way to save is by washing clothes in cold water.

Adjust the water heater

Bring the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees to save money during the hot summer months. The warmer the temperature setting is on your water heater the harder your system will have to work.

Drop the shades

Keep the shades down to help cool your home during the day. Windows that don’t have shades will allow the sun to pass through raising the level of heat in the home.

These tips from Rainbow Restoration will help you restore sanity and save money on your summer energy bill.

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