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Benefits of Tarp Over and Board Up Services

When disaster hits your property, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and leave your home “as is” until all the necessary repairs can be taken care of. Consider your options carefully, however. Walking away could have more consequences than you think.

Why bother with board-ups and tarry with tarp-overs?

  • Risk of loss of insurance coverage.
    It is not uncommon for board-up and tarp-over services to be required by your insurance carrier following a disaster in order to be eligible for homeowner’s insurance coverage for damages. Why? The faster you board up and tarp over after damage has occurred, the more likely you are to prevent additional damage.
  • Risk of further damage.
    Holes in the walls and roof can allow additional damaging elements inside your home, from wind and water to animal and human invaders. This could add exponentially to your existing issues – and subsequently your repair bill.
  • Risk of additional property loss.
    If vandals or thieves gain access to your home, they could damage or remove anything – gaining access to your personal information and destroying or stealing your property from electronics, appliances, and HVAC to plumbing pipes, fixtures, and more that could be taken for scrap. Nothing is safe in a home left open and unprotected.
  • Risk of liability.
    If someone enters your home and gets injured, you could be liable for their injuries.

Boarding up or tarping over after fire damage? You need a professional!

Structures with fire damage are extremely dangerous, and should not be reentered until declared safe by the fire department, a building official, a structural engineer, or a restoration professional. Though they may look safe, there may be hidden fire damage to the floor, roof, or load-bearing walls, not to mention harmful airborne particulates, electrical and water hazards from firefighting, and various debris hazards.

The Professional Advantage

Board ups and tarp overs performed by professionals ensure proper installation and help you avoid:

  • Solo DIY hassles – board-ups and tarp-overs are typically a two-person job!
  • Cheap or unsuitable materials.
  • Damage to the structure of your home resulting from sub-par methods.
  • Improper placement could result in leaks, safety, or security issues.
  • Unsuitable fastening methods could fail or worse, resulting in added damage to your home and injury to your family during a storm.

Board up or tarp over? Which do you need?

  • Board up
    Cracked, broken, debris or wind-damaged windows and doors.
  • Tarp over
    Roofing surfaces, including areas that may appear undamaged to the naked eye but present leakage and/or stability issues.
  • Both
    Preventative board-up and tarp-over services prior to windstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes may be a sound investment in hazard-prone areas for extra protection against severe weather.

When it comes to board ups and tarp overs for you home or business, Rainbow Restoration® has you covered – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us or schedule an appointment online to learn more about available services for keeping your home safe and sound this storm season.

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