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Basement Storage Ideas and Solutions

An underutilized basement can be a boon for storage in your home. Learn about our favorite basement storage ideas and how to organize a basement storage area.

A home with basement space to spare is a godsend when you’re looking for extra storage space. But how do you organize a basement storage area and prevent it from becoming an unruly mess? And how do you protect your favorite things from damage?

From plastic totes and shelving, to framing in a spare closet, there are several basement storage solutions that are designed to optimize limited space, avoid clutter and protect your stuff from the elements. But which option is best for your basement?

How to Organize a Basement Storage Area

While it’s normal to regard your basement as your personal storage unit, it can quickly become overwhelmed by boxes, equipment and keepsakes. Further, a basement that is damp, dirty or home to pests is no place for storing your decorations, seasonal clothing, spare bedding or children’s toys. Our favorite basement storage ideas combat these problems and protect your belongings.

When you’re looking to use your basement for storage, consider these options:

  1. Hang it High

Make the most of finite basement space and protect items from potential flooding events by installing heavy-duty hooks. Screw them into joists or wall studs to hang unwieldy objects such as bicycles, folding chairs and other sizable odds and ends.

Lifting objects off the ground also helps reduce clutter, which creates an attractive environment for insects and other pests. Vermin are attracted to basements crowded with unorganized, unsealed boxes. Getting boxes off the ground frees up floorspace and helps mitigate nesting by unwanted pests.

  1. Got it Pegged?

Pegboard installed on an empty basement wall takes advantage of often-underutilized vertical space. Use pegboard for items you want to keep organized and accessible, such as tools and cleaning supplies.

  1. Tote-ally

Large plastic bins and totes with lids are a quick and efficient way to store bulky items, equipment or seasonal wear. Make the process a breeze by color coordinating your storage bins for the different items within. A plastic tote also provides moisture protection.

  1. Help Your-Shelves

Install shelving to provide an excellent storage space that is out of the way but well within reach. Consider a double-tiered unit to maximize available space and to subdivide contents for better organization.

  1. Follow the Cedar

If downstairs real estate and budget allows, custom-built cabinets or closets can be an attractive and effective basement storage solution. Think cedar for the construction, as it is a durable wood that is naturally resistant to decay, moisture and insect damage – all concerns that can plague a basement.

  1. Dehumidify Daily

Basements are notorious for high humidity. Assist your newly minted storage solution by installing a dehumidifier. The unit works to absorb excess moisture, which will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Basement Storage Solutions Begin with a Clean, Dry Basement

Clutter in the basement makes it harder for homeowners to discover pests, mold and water damage – and all three threaten the precious contents of any basement storage area. Choose Rainbow Restoration for specialized deep cleaning and water damage restoration. Call or request an appointment online.

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