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Are Dust Mites in Carpet Making Me Sick?

Things we can't see can play a big role in our health and safety. Microscopic irritants like dust and pollen can interfere in our health in ways we'd never expect. This is especially true when it comes to dust mites.

What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that thrive in the household dust and dander that accumulates on furniture, bed linens and carpets. They’re smaller than a grain of sand and invisible to the naked eye. But don’t be fooled. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that dust mites aren’t present in almost all homes. Warm, humid interiors are the perfect condition for these tiny bugs, who look for dead skin to munch on. Dust mites thrive in indoor environment with 75% to 85% relative humidity. However, they cannot survive in environments with 50% relative humidity or less. They’re especially fond of carpets and area rugs.

A lucky majority of the population won’t ever notice dust mites in their home, but for allergy or asthma sufferers, it’s a different story.

The excrement and carcasses of dust mites can cause allergic reactions that result in symptoms including watery, itchy eyes; skin rashes; congestion and sneezing. In short, dust mites in carpet or on the surfaces of your home may be making you sick. Disgusting, right? The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through these symptoms. If it feels like you’re allergic to your home, it’s time to invest in dust mite mitigation.

Read on to learn how you can reduce the effect of dust mites and even prevent them from taking up residence in your home.

How to Remove Dust Mites From Carpet and Rugs In Your Home

One of the best ways to diminish the role dust mites play in your allergies is to keep your home’s soft, porous surfaces clean. However, your-average run-of-the-mill vacuuming isn’t going to cut it.

To really make a difference in your allergies, we recommend that homeowners:

  1. Vacuum using a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner that is CRI – Green labeled.
  2. Employ a HEPA filtered air filtration device in the bedrooms of those who suffer from allergies.
  3. Carpets, area rugs and fabric-covered furniture should be cleaned using should be hot water extraction, regularly. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for each rug or furniture item.

Unfortunately, most consumer-grade vacuums, carpet cleaners and shampooers are not powerful enough to extract very fine dirt, dander and dust particles – on which dust mites live and breed – from your home’s carpet and rug fibers.

While industrial-grade rental units are available to consumers, they can be costly and difficult to operate effectively. Without operational knowledge, it will be hard to get your money’s worth out of rental cleaning equipment.

When used properly, professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment is the most effective way to remove dust mites and other allergens from your carpets and remove deep-set dirt and stains that household products and equipment can’t.

That’s why we recommend that homeowners, especially those who are suffering with indoor allergies, arrange for professional carpet cleaning from their local Rainbow Restoration. 

Dust Mites Live in Furniture, Too

Fabric-covered furniture like sofas, ottomans and chairs also provide excellent habitat for dust mites. Unless there’s an obvious and unsightly stain, it’s easy to overlook deep cleaning your home’s furniture. But dust mites living in your upholstered furniture could be contributing to the allergy symptoms of you or your family.

To fully combat allergy symptoms caused by dust mites, add professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning  to your home cleaning routine.

Choose Rainbow Restoration for Dust Mite Removal & Professional Cleaning

Your home shouldn’t make you sick. Choose Rainbow Restoration for commercial and residential upholstery and carpet cleaning you can count on, designed to help keep you and your family healthy. Request an appointment online or give Rainbow Restoration a call at the professionals at Rainbow Restoration are ready to help.

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