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Even though you occasionally turn your heating and cooling system off, your air ducts are constantly collecting dust, dander, allergens and potentially harboring mold spores that...Continue Reading

Naturally occurring, mold is everywhere, growing just about anywhere excess moisture is present. So how do you prevent mold in your home? The good news is, proper cleaning, along with the monitoring of humidity levels in your home, can help you control and prevent mold growth.

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Air duct cleaning is vital to the cleanliness of the air you breathe in your home or office. Investing in regular air duct cleaning services reduces indoor allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander and prevents the possible spread of mold.

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Ultrasonic cleaning is a way to clean items that are intricate, delicate or that can’t be cleaned using traditional methods. For instance, if your home were to be impacted by a fire or flood, ultrasonic cleaning could clean items such as blinds, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances and other...Continue Reading