Blogs in February 2018

Routine carpet and air duct cleaning is an important home maintenance task. recently published a Home Maintenance Checklist that stresses the importance of this upkeep task to keep your home clean and dust free.

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Ready to leave town? Don’t head out the door without securing your home first. Weather, intruders or just bad luck can create headaches when you return; let Rainbow International help with top things to do before vacation. A pre-vacation home routine is important, but...Continue Reading

This winter in Chicago, fire departments have responded to numerous calls involving frozen water pipes and breached sprinklers systems. Not surprising considering this season’s length of bitterly cold temperatures. What might surprise you? Emergency calls from misinformed homeowners attempting...Continue Reading

A frozen pipe is bad news. But a frozen pipe that is ignored and thaws out can be a disaster. If neglected, it can do significant water damage to your home. Prevent these headaches with help from Rainbow International.  We’ll give you tips for how to prevent this disaster...Continue Reading