Blogs in June 2016

Today’s appliances are miracles of modern technology. Tucked away in every possible nook and cranny of your home, though useful, when left plugged in they represent a double-edged sword of issues, driving up your electric bill with phantom power usage, and...Continue Reading

Camping is a fun outdoor activity in the summer, but unpacking when you get home can be a unique challenge. You can easily end up bringing home bugs, dirt, and items tainted with hard-to-remove smells and stains. If you’re hoping to avoid bringing home these...Continue Reading

Saving money these days can be tough. With prices rising faster than your paycheck, it’s often tempting to take advantage of bulk discounts, from that 5 pound jar of mayonnaise, to bulk cleaning supplies. Though in some...Continue Reading

Fire safety is no joke, and that goes for campfires as well. Whether you’re camping in the middle of the woods or lounging around a backyard fire pit, you need to exercise as much caution lighting a fire outside as you would with an indoor fireplace or wood...Continue Reading

While about 80 percent of people across the globe have access to electricity, Canadians and Americans consume more than any other nation to the tune of about 12,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per household per year. This is 20 times more electricity than the average Nigerian household and about twice...Continue Reading