Blogs in April 2016

Installing a storm shelter provides effective protection against tornadoes, but don’t forget the importance of stocking it well! After all, an empty storm shelter may shield you from the wind, hail and flying debris characteristic of a tornado, but you need the right gear to weather the storm...Continue Reading

After a tornado or other damaging storm, there’s a lot of debris and material from property damage that you need to dispose of. In a large-scale disaster, finding a dumpster usually isn’t a viable option. Plus, some materials aren’t safe to dispose of in the trash and require special treatment...Continue Reading

Tornados are among the deadliest forces found in nature. The United States has the highest number of and most dangerous tornadoes on earth. An average of 1,000 tornadoes touch down here each year, accounting for 75% of all tornadoes in the world. While the...Continue Reading

Tornadoes, well-known for the catastrophic destruction they can wreak, aren’t the only cause of storm-related weather damage. If your area has recently been issued a tornado warning or watch, in addition to being on the lookout for a funnel cloud, you must also...Continue Reading

Some people have a tornado shelter buried in their yard; others have a fortified interior room designed to withstand damaging winds and flying debris in a tornado. Those who live in upper-level apartments or trailer homes need to drive to a shelter for safety during a tornado. Here’s a look at...Continue Reading

Tornado watches on the rise in your area? You’re not alone. Across the U.S., tornado outbreaks are increasing in number due to unseasonably warm weather. And among the worse effected:...Continue Reading

Tornados are devastating and have the power to completely destroy anything in their path. In addition, homes well outside the direct path of the tornado can incur significant damage from the severe storm that generates the tornado. While there’s no way to...Continue Reading

No one wants to think about mold growing in their home, but since the side effects of mold exposure can be serious, it’s something you can’t ignore. Symptoms are wide ranging, and since mold often grows out of sight, it can be difficult to...Continue Reading