Blogs in August 2015

Vehicle exhaust pipes, belching smoke stacks, and smelly refineries – these all may come to mind when you think of pollution. However, the Environmental Protection Agency states indoor air pollution is often two to five times...Continue Reading

The amount of time you spend indoors may surprise you – 90 percent of your work, school, and home time is spent indoors. Maybe not so surprising, all of that time indoors isn’t good for you, but maybe not for the reasons you might think. What’s the danger? The indoor air you’re breathing could...Continue Reading

Whenever you smell something potent and unpleasant, it’s common to compare the smell to a skunk. It’s an odor we universally recognize as unpleasant. But why do skunks spray, and what’s in the potent concoction that makes it smell so bad?

Why do Skunks Spray?

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Of all the different flooring materials you have to choose from, carpet is the most inviting. It feels soft and warm under foot compared to tile, wood or vinyl flooring. Unfortunately, the woven nature of carpet makes it a hot spot for microorganisms, dust and chemicals.

If you don’t...Continue Reading

Has someone in your home ever asked you: “What’s that smell?” Feelings of embarrassment, shame, fear, or even denial usually follow this question. Nobody wants to have a smelly house! After hearing this question, you may open your windows, burn a few candles, or...Continue Reading