Blogs in July 2014

A home inventory may seem like a task too daunting to attempt, but in the event of a home emergency like a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other disaster, you will be extremely grateful you set aside the time to complete it. The last thing on your mind should be taking inventory of...Continue Reading

An offshoot of traditional hoarding, animal hoarders house large numbers of companion animals despite their inability to provide even minimal levels of care. Animal hoarders live in denial of their inability to properly care for their animals, as well as the impact their living conditions have...Continue Reading

First appearing in the news in 1942 after refusing to pay the mortgage on their home, the Collyer brothers infamous hoarding story is far more than a fairytale-style warning to hoarders. It is the true story of how seriously hoarding can adversely affect the lives of its sufferers.

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Hurricanes pose a serious danger to coastal areas. The key to staying safe when a dangerous storm is headed your way is not rushing to your local hardware store to buy wood or dashing to your local grocery store to stock up on water and...Continue Reading