Trees Swinging In A Hurricane

Hurricane Safety :: Before The Storm

During hurricane season, keep all storm and evacuation materials in good working order and test regularly. Materials include vehicles, generators, radios, flashlights, etc. Also, keep cash on hand and gas tanks as least half full at all times during storm season. Furthermore, stay informed on any and all approaching storms.

Once a storm is approaching, take the following steps to protect yourself and your home:


  • Board up windows and/or close storm shutters
  • Trim trees and shrubs around the home and tie down small trees
  • Turn off propane tanks and secure mobile items (grills, plants, outdoor furniture, etc.)
  • Clear downspouts and rain gutters


  • Take detailed photos of your home (inside and outside) and its contents
  • Perform a thorough inventory of your contents and secure important documents in a water and fireproof container
  • Prepare a hurricane safety kit (see below)
  • Fill bathtubs with water for cleaning and sanitation

Hurricane Safety Kit

When a storm is approaching, it’s crucial to have the following items in your hurricane emergency kit:

  • 7-Day Supply of Non-Perishable Ready-to-Eat Food
  • Hand Operated Can Opener
  • Plastic Plates, Cups, Utensils
  • 5 Gallons of Drinking Water Per Person
  • First Aid Kit & Medications
  • Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Garbage Bags
  • Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Dental Care
  • Whistles
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellent
  • Duct Tape
  • Baby Items (Formula, Diapers, Wipes, Bottles, etc.)
  • Nose and Mouth Dust Masks
  • Flashlights and Lanterns with Extra Batteries
  • Utility Lighter
  • Battery Powered and/or Hand Crank Radio
  • Landline and Cell Phone with Extra Battery and Chargers
  • Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Bleach
  • Shovel and Basic Hand Tools
  • 7-Days of Pet Food
  • Pet Carrier and Leash
  • Pet Photo in Case of Separation

Hurricane Evacuation | Staying Safe

If you are directed to evacuate by local authorities, you should do so. If you evacuate, have a specific destination and backup destination already in mind, keep important documents with you in a secure place, and fill your gas tank before leaving.

If you plan to stay during the hurricane, remember the following tips:

  • Listen to the radio or TV for information
  • Stay indoors and in a wind-safe room away from glass
  • Close all interior doors and secure exterior doors
  • Turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest setting and keep doors closed

Rainbow Restoration can assist with tarp-over and board-up services to protect your home before a hurricane arrives. Contact us at 855-724-6269 or request service today.


Need safety tips after a hurricane arrives?
Read our Hurricane Safety :: After The Storm page for more information.

Trees Swinging In A Hurricane