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Hurricane Safety :: After The Storm

Trees Swinging In A Hurricane.

If you are returning home after a hurricane, only return after authorities have given permission and only drive on approved roads. Be aware of any downed power lines, gas smells, fire damage, etc. before reentering your home. Carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your home for damage and do not run any gas operated appliances indoors.

Assessing The Damage

When assessing the hurricane damage on your home and property, follow these steps:

  • Be prepared with a fire extinguisher
  • Watch for safety hazards like broken glass, sharp objects, slippery floors, loose boards, etc.
  • Look for roof or chimney damage before entering. Do not enter the house if damaged
  • If you enter, leave immediately if you smell gas
  • If structural damage is present, turn off utilities
  • Use a stick or tool to sift through debris
  • Do not use wet appliances until checked by a professional
  • Boil all water before drinking
  • Avoid using plumbing and sewage system until properly checked
  • If there is damage to your home, take photographs and contact your insurance company
  • Throw out any spoiled food, or any food that has come in contact with flood waters

If you’ve sustained significant water damage, Rainbow Restoration can assist with Fire & Water Restoration, Cleaning & Deodorizing, and Reconstruction Services after a hurricane to help restore your home. Contact us or request service today.

Need safety tips before a hurricane arrives?
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Trees Swinging In A Hurricane.

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