Water Damage, Fire Damage & Mold Restoration Services for Residential and Commercial Properties


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Water Damage

From natural disasters to malfunctioning appliances, water damage happens. At Rainbow Restoration®, we offer residential and commercial flood damage restoration and water damage remediation services designed to get you back on track, fast.


Water Damage Restoration

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Smoke & Fire
Damage Restoration

When your property sustains damage from fire or smoke, we’re here to help. Our team removes structural fire damage, as well as soot and smoke stains, to fully remediate your residential or commercial property. We use IICRC-certified techniques to ensure an efficient and timely restoration process that quickly gets your property back up to code.

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration


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Content Processing

After a disaster, it is important to secure your contents at your home or business. We offer content processing services to safely move your contents from the damaged property to our secure facility for remediation.




Content Processing

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Mold Removal

Removing mold from a home or business can be a difficult and dangerous process. Mold remediation is best performed by trained experts that understand proper mold removal. You want mold gone, not covered up. Our team removes the spores from contaminated areas and takes proper precaution to ensure it will not return.


Mold Removal

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Full-Service Reconstruction

Rainbow Restoration is here to help when you need full service reconstruction, tarp-over services or board-up services. We’re capable of start-to-finish restoration services to fully remediate your home or business. To keep your property secure while we work, we can cover damaged windows and tarp over damaged roofs.

Full-Service Reconstruction

Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Services

Rainbow Restoration’s local specialists offer commercial cleaning and restoration services to mitigate losses and help you get back to business — fast.

  • Damage Restoration Services

    Smoke, fire, and water damage can be devastating. Thankfully, our commercial restoration services are designed to deal with even the toughest of circumstances. Our staff is here to take care of all your commercial reconstruction needs!

    • Board-up and Tarp-over Services

      Professional board ups and roof tarp overs are typically the first step in the restoration process. Rainbow Restoration offers commercial roof tarping and board-up services to protect your property before or after a disaster.

    • Content Processing

      Rainbow Restoration offers professional commercial contents processing and commercial contents restoration services near you. Packing and storing your business items after a disaster is the first step in the restoration process.

    • Flood and Water Damage Restoration

      With decades of commercial water damage cleanup experience, our service experts are here to tackle any need. Let Rainbow Restoration help you recover from floods and water damage fast.

      • Burst and Leaking Pipes Clean Up

        A burst pipe can cause serious water and mold damage to your building. That is why Rainbow Restoration offers commercial burst pipe cleanup to help prevent further destruction.

      • Water Extraction and Flood Cleanup

        Rainbow Restoration makes it a priority to help businesses move back into their buildings as quickly as possible. We offer commercial water extraction services to tackle basement flood cleanup and other water messes.

    • Mold Removal and Remediation

      Our commercial mold removal and remediation services help property owners maintain a safe, healthy environment for their tenants, employees, and customers. Don’t let mold become a liability issue; contact your local Rainbow Restoration specialist today!

    • Odor Removal

      Our experts provide professional odor removal services to protect the longevity and profitability of your property. Learn more about our commercial odor removal services.

      • Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

        Cigarette smoke can leave behind unwanted odors in rental properties and commercial buildings. Thankfully, our commercial cigarette smoke removal service can eliminate odors from smoking, cooking, and pets.

    • Smoke & Fire Restoration Services

      Our fire damage cleanup and commercial smoke damage cleanup processes can help your business recover from even the direst of situations. Rest assured, Rainbow Restoration is available 24/7 to take your call.

    • Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

      We understand the severe impact storms and other natural disasters can have on property owners. Our commercial storm damage repair experts are available 24/7 to restore your property to its like-new condition.

      • Earthquake Damage Repair

        The damage sustained from an earthquake can be devastating. Our commercial earthquake damage repair service can help by restoring your property so you can get back to business.

      • Hurricane Damage Repair

        Hurricanes can cause severe destruction to commercial properties. Fortunately, our commercial hurricane damage repair specialists can restore your building to its pre-disaster condition.

      • Tornado Damage Repair

        The high winds from tornados can wreak major chaos on a property’s exterior. Roof damage, broken windows, and water damage are all possibilities to be aware of. Fortunately, Rainbow Restoration offers commercial tornado damage repair 24/7.

      • Wind Damage Repair

        High-speed winds from hurricanes, tornados, or other weather incidents can damage your commercial property within minutes. Let our commercial wind damage repair experts restore your walls, roof, windows, doors, and other structural elements.

      • Winter Storm and Ice Damage Repair

        It comes as no surprise that cold and icy weather can damage your property. Rainbow Restoration provides commercial ice damage repair to fix frozen pipes and structural damage.

  • Reconstruction Services
    • Full Service Reconstruction

      It’s our mission to remediate and restore property to its pre-loss condition so business owners can focus their time and energy on recovery. Learn more about our full-service reconstruction process.

  • Specialty Cleaning Services

    The last thing a business wants is to turn away customers and tenants due to a smelly or dirty property. Let our experts provide top-notch commercial air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and odor removal services to restore your business.

    • Air Duct Cleaning

      Good indoor air quality is a must to ensure the safety and happiness of your customers, tenants, and workers. Don’t wait until you hear complaints about dust or indoor allergens. Learn how Rainbow Restoration can transform your space with our commercial air duct cleaning services.

    • Carpet Cleaning Services

      We understand the importance of maintaining fresh, clean carpets at your business. Our specialists provide first-rate commercial carpet cleaning and commercial upholstery cleaning in your local area.

      • Carpet and Upholstery Protectant

        Rainbow Restoration’s commercial fabric protection spray acts as an invisible shield to slow the rate of absorption from spills and virtually eliminate carpet and upholstery stains.

      • Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing

        Our commercial carpet cleaning services will restore your soft flooring to like-new condition, so you do not have to settle for a carpet full of stains and odor.

      • Upholstery Cleaning and Deodorizing

        Our commercial upholstery cleaning services clean and deodorize all types of fabric using state-of-the-art equipment to extend the life of your carpet and upholstery.

    • Contents Cleaning

      Our commercial contents cleaning specialists can help you recover your business property after a damaging event. Trust our contents cleaning restoration experts to get the job done right the first time around.

    • Hard Surface Cleaning

      It’s important to stay on top of the grime, debris, germs, and stains on your business’s hard surfaces. Trust in your local Rainbow Restoration for commercial floor cleaning services and more.

      • Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

        Our commercial tile and grout cleaning services remove hard water stains, spills, smoke damage, dirt buildup, and more. Start making a more positive impression on everyone who visits your property today!

  • Specialty Services
    Rainbow Restoration’s commercial specialty services include commercial document restoration, document recovery, biohazard cleanup, vandalism, and graffiti cleanup. What’s more, our pros go the extra mile to ensure your building and belongings are returned to their pre-loss state.
    • Biohazard Cleanup

      A traumatic event in your building can create a dangerous situation for tenants, employees, and customers alike. Rainbow Restoration goes above and beyond to provide top-notch biohazard removal services.

      • Biohazard Odor Removal

        Lingering odors after a traumatic event can be a problem that impacts your business. That’s why Rainbow Restoration offers commercial biohazard odor removal as part of our biohazard cleanup service to remove unwanted smells.

      • Blood and Bodily Fluid Remediation

        Blood and bodily fluid cleanup can be traumatic. Our service professionals are trained and equipped with biohazard cleanup and can lessen the distressing effects of cleaning your property. 

      • Crime Scene Cleanup

        Our experienced teams handle commercial crime scene cleanup efficiently and discreetly. We offer services to businesses, apartments, service stations, rental units, warehouses, and more.

      • Hoarding Cleanup

        Rainbow Restoration offers hoarding cleanup services to safely remove junk, recategorize clutter as either recyclable or trash, and sanitize commercial spaces. Learn more about our hoarding cleanup process.

      • Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation

        If you are experiencing sewage backup and need a commercial sewage cleanup service, let the professionals at Rainbow Restoration clean up even the toughest of messes.

      • Trauma Cleanup

        Rainbow Restoration provides professional and compassionate commercial trauma cleanup for apartments, warehouses, businesses, rental units, service stations, and institutions in need of our assistance.

    • Document Recovery and Restoration

      Commercial document recovery is made possible with Rainbow Restoration. We use a proven process to dry  important documents damaged by water. Learn more about our commercial document restoration and document drying services!

    • Emergency Response Plan

      Our commercial business disaster plan gives you 24/7 priority response in the case of a catastrophe, business emergency planning, and a dedicated risk response manager. We can help you create an emergency response plan that is best suited to your property.

    • Vandalism and Graffiti

      We thoroughly inspect the damage sustained from vandalism and graffiti to determine which procedures and products needed to clean up the mess. Learn more about our vandalism cleanup and graffiti removal services.

Residential Cleaning and Restoration Services

Rainbow Restoration is your trusted partner in commercial cleanup and damage restoration. When a disaster happens, count on us for 24/7 emergency response for all water, fire, and storm emergencies. In addition, our mold remediation professionals can tackle any problem from musty basements to black mold infestations. We also provide cleaning services for your business or commercial property for vandalism, biohazard situations, hard-to-remove remove odors, air duct cleaning, and more. Your local commercial restoration and cleaning teams help get you back to business, fast!

  • Damage Restoration Services
    Our professional home restoration services include water and flood damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, mold removal, and specialty cleaning services. We have expertise that homeowners can trust when they need residential restoration.
    • Board-up and Tarp-over Services

      Rainbow Restoration provides around-the-clock residential board-up windows and tarp-over roof services. Let us help you protect your home that has suffered from storm damage, fire, and other disasters. 

    • Content Processing

      Learn about our emergency home contents packing services which includes contents packing, storage and restoration after a disaster.

    • Flood and Water Damage Restoration

      After a natural disaster or flood event, our technicians can restore your home to its pre-disaster state. Choose Rainbow Restoration for home water damage cleanup and restoration!

    • Mold Removal and Remediation
      Mold presents a significant health risk to the safety of you and your loved ones. Our residential mold removal experts use industry best practices and techniques to eliminate mold in your home.
    • Odor Removal

      Why is pet odor removal so difficult? Primarily, it is the chemical makeup that causes the odor. Urine, for example, is rich in nitrogen and can have a strong ammonia smell. Other waste products contain foul smelling bacteria. When you combine these strong odors with improper clean up, you are stuck with a smell that won’t go away.

    • Rapid Structural Drying

      Rapid structural drying is a crucial step in cleaning up a home after water damage to mitigate further harm and speed up the restoration process.  

    • Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

      Fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup are essential to helping you recover from fire, smoke, and ancillary water damage. Learn more about our competitive services today!

  • Reconstruction Services
    • Full Service Reconstruction

      There are scenarios that require home and business content removal and relocation for prompt and thorough cleaning and restoration. If a home suffers fire and smoke damage, for example, it is often easier, more secure and cost-efficient to take certain contents to another location for restoration work.

  • Specialty Cleaning Services

    Whether you’re looking for air duct cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or professional odor removal — we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our residential cleaning services!

    • Air Duct Cleaning

      When was your last at-home air duct cleaning? Learn about the importance of residential duct cleaning today!

    • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

      Our fabric protection spray for residential application acts as an invisible shield to slow the rate of absorption from spills and protect against carpet and upholstery stains. Learn more about our furniture protector spray.

      • Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing

        We offer professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing services using state-of-the-art equipment. Our decades of experience ensure a job well done the first time around.

      • Upholstery Cleaning and Deodorizing

        Rainbow Restoration provides professional upholstery cleaning and deodorizing services to homeowners looking to restore their fabric surfaces. 

    • Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing

      We offer professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing services using state-of-the-art equipment. Our decades of experience ensure a job well done the first time around.

    • Contents Cleaning

      Our residential contents restoration and emergency contents cleaning services can recover your home’s property after an unplanned event. You can trust our professionals to provide quality results.

    • Hard Surface Cleaning Services

      Rainbow Restoration’s professional floor cleaning and residential hard surfaces cleaning services can make a huge difference in removing dirt, grime, and stains around your home.

    • Sanitizing & Cleaning
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning

      Our residential tile and grout cleaning pros work to eliminate water stains, spills, smoke damage, dirt buildup, and more. 

  • Specialty Services
    • Biohazard Odor Removal

      Rainbow Restoration’s professional biohazard odor removal specialists thoroughly eliminate potentially harmful viruses and pathogens from your home. We make it our goal to restore your space to a safe, livable condition.

    • Blood and Bodily Fluid Remediation

      Blood and bodily fluid cleanup can be hazardous and requires professional care. Let your local Rainbow Restoration lessen the traumatic effects of cleaning your space with our residential blood cleanup service. 

    • Crime Scene Clean Up

      We specialize in residential crime scene cleanup. Our trained specialists can help homeowners with bodily fluid and tissue cleanup, blood removal, and more.

    • Hoarding Cleanup

      Hoarding is a hazard that can cause significant property damage. Learn more about our residential hoarding cleanup services and junk removal. 

    • Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation

      Let our pros make your home look as good as new with our sewage cleanup and sanitation services. Learn more about our sewer backup cleaning service today!

    • Trauma and Biohazard Clean Up
      A traumatic event at home can create a challenging situation for you and your loved ones. That’s why we offer full-service residential biohazard cleanup and removal.
      • Biohazard Odor Removal

        Rainbow Restoration’s professional biohazard odor removal specialists thoroughly eliminate potentially harmful viruses and pathogens from your home. We make it our goal to restore your space to a safe, livable condition.

      • Blood and Bodily Fluid Remediation

        Blood and bodily fluid cleanup can be hazardous and requires professional care. Let your local Rainbow Restoration lessen the traumatic effects of cleaning your space with our residential blood cleanup service. 

      • Hoarding Cleanup

        Hoarding is a hazard that can cause significant property damage. Learn more about our residential hoarding cleanup services and junk removal. 

      • Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation

        Let our pros make your home look as good as new with our sewage cleanup and sanitation services. Learn more about our sewer backup cleaning service today!

    • Trauma Scene Clean Up

      Our service professionals offer compassionate, discreet trauma scene cleanup services. 

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration services involve returning a property to its original state after it has suffered extensive water damage due to factors like natural disasters or faulty plumbing. The professionals at Rainbow Restoration will help reduce this damage and restore your property as quickly as possible.

When faced with water damage on your property, acting immediately is key. Our water damage restoration experts offer immediate help in order to protect you and your property’s occupants, whether it’s a home or business. Mold can start growing within 24 or 48 hours after water accumulates — so prompt action must be taken in order to limit further damages and mold growth.

Thermal imaging technology helps our team evaluate water damage and locate its sources. This allows us to detect hidden areas of damage.

We use industrial pumps and vacuums to extract water from your property. Afterward, we safely dispose of this extracted water to prevent future mold spore formation.

An equally vital step is cleaning and sanitizing affected areas to stop mold spread. We employ surface and deep cleaning methods, odor removal techniques, and air quality improvement measures in order to do this effectively.

Water damage restoration services offer many advantages. Our professionals respond swiftly to emergencies, using their years of experience to address every type of damage — including the kind that you can’t see.

Relying on professional assistance will help to quickly restore your property to its former condition, minimize further damage, and protect its value. Rainbow Restoration offers reliable and efficient services for water damage restoration. Contact us to start rebuilding today!

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration: Essential Steps and Facts

Fire and smoke damage restoration is crucial for homeowners after a fire. Here are the important steps and facts you should know about the restoration process.

Essential First Step

Prioritize safety by hiring professionals to assess the property's structure. Your restoration specialist will identify urgent repair tasks. These may include deodorization, smoke removal, damaged material removal, structural repairs, ventilation, environmental cleanup, and mold prevention.

Keep in mind that restoration professionals should have relevant certifications and licenses. Certifications like IICRC ensure high-quality service and adherence to industry standards.

Common Pain Points

Removing smoke odors is challenging but necessary for a fresh living environment. Thorough cleaning, deodorizing techniques, and proper ventilation can help, but removing smoke odors remains a challenging aspect of fire and smoke damage restoration.

Secondly, weather conditions can worsen damages during restoration. Professionals adapt strategies to address weather-related issues and protect the property from further damage.

Finally, water damage and other damage caused during firefighting efforts can extend the time needed for recovery.

Regional Concerns

Fire and smoke damage trends vary across the country. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with local regulations and hire professionals familiar with them to ensure compliance and effective communication.

Technological Advancements

Advanced tools enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the restoration process. Tools like thermal imaging cameras, air scrubbers, and ozone generators enable a professional to ensure that the damage is addressed thoroughly.

Environmental Concerns

Restoration experts aim to minimize environmental impact during cleanup.

Safely removing leftover foams and purifying the air prevent additional smoke particulates from entering the environment and making the home dangerous to occupy.

Call Rainbow Restoration for Assistance

Dealing with fire and smoke damage is challenging both emotionally and financially. At Rainbow Restoration, we understand the difficulties of this time and work with you to minimize the impact to your life.

Contact your local Rainbow Restoration for prompt and expert assistance with fire and smoke damage restoration.

Mold Remediation Services

Mold growing in your commercial or residential property can be a major cause for concern if not addressed and removed quickly. Rainbow Restoration® is proud to offer professional mold remediation services to tackle the problem head-on and return your building to its like-new condition.

Our service technicians follow strict standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as local, state, and federal laws. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner, tenant, manager, loved one, or visitor — we’ve got you covered.

Our mold remediation process and attention to detail ensures that all mold is fully contained or removed the first time around — that’s a Neighborly Done Right Promise™. We’ll work to identify the source of the issue and create a customized plan to remedy the problem.

Mold lives in spaces with high moisture levels, which may be in structural elements hidden from view. So it is imperative to get in touch with your local Rainbow Restoration specialist to begin the remediation process as soon as you suspect a mold issue. The last thing we want is for a small mold problem to become a major liability and health risk down the line.

Learn more about our mold remediation services, mold risks to watch out for, causes and factors of mold growth, and how to regulate moisture levels.

Restoration begins now.

24/7 Disaster Response

From fires to floods, Rainbow Restoration is available now to help reduce the damage from a disaster.

Fully Certified

Our service professionals are fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Great reasons to use Rainbow Restoration

Certified Technicians (fire, water, mold)

24/7 365 Emergency Service

Market Proven Superior Equipment

Industry Standard Pricing

Courteous, Uniformed Professionals

Consistent Technical Training

Aggressive Mitigation Approach

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Commercial Services


We know downtime at your business means lost revenue and customers.  Trust Rainbow Restoration to get your office back to pre-damage condition as soon as possible so your staff and customers are safe and comfortable once again.

Commercial Services
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Residential Services


Whether it's helping you recover after a fire or flood or performing professional cleaning services, Rainbow Restoration is the full-service restoration company homeowners trust.  Mold remediation, carpet cleaning, and odor removal are just a few of the services we offer.

Residential Services
The employees of Rainbow International were very professional, conscientious and skilled at their jobs. I would use them again if needed and refer my friends to them. Thank you for responding so promptly and doing such a great job!
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Insurance Claims


When you refer Rainbow Restoration® to your clients, you are giving them the best possible care after a disaster.  Our professionals arrive on the scene quickly, reducing the risk of further residential or commercial property damage.

Insurance Claims