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Burned interiors post fire

The Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

A fire is among the most catastrophic events that can occur at a property. Fires often lead to extensive damage, leaving property owners feeling overwhelmed and lost. Professional fire damage restoration firms are trained to handle both fire damage and secondary damage, like odor (smoke) and water. Learn why professional fire damage restoration is an integral part of any emergency response plan.


Sandbags for flooding

Disaster Restoration Response Time and Why it Matters

Floods and fires can strike at any moment, leaving homeowners, businesses, institutions, clinics, organizations, and commercial property owners devastated. The longer the damage is left unmitigated, the more extensive the repairs. Timely response on the part of the selected disaster restoration company is crucial for minimizing the damage caused by disasters.


Damaged plumbing hose

Protecting Your Home, Rental Property, or Business from Appliance-Related Floods

Appliances are integral to daily life but can also be a significant source of water damage. Faulty appliances can cause flooding, leaving you with expensive property repairs. Just one inch of standing water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Recognizing the signs of appliance failure can help prevent potential water damage before it happens.


Kitchen ceiling fire damage

Understanding the Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Damage caused by smoke poses health risks that necessitate skilled restoration. Restoring a property with smoke damage requires certification and training to be completed appropriately. Smoke is comprised of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and soot. These acidic compounds erode metals and break down the compounds that make up paint, furnishings, and walls, negatively affecting your health.


Lab technician with petri dish

Mold Growth, Risks to Health, and Remediation

It is reported that there are at least 45 million buildings in the US that have unhealthy levels of mold. While mold is a naturally occurring substance, it can pose serious health risks when it’s left to grow unchecked indoors. As soon as you suspect mold growth in your home, school, or business, it’s crucial to call professionals to treat and remove the infestation. The longer mold is left unattended, the more damage it will cause.


Cracks and black mold on wall

Mold Odor Removal After a Fire, Flood, or Natural Disaster

Professional mold odor removal is the methodical, complete elimination of unpleasant odors and dangerous air quality issues that directly result from a fire or flood. Mold is a fungus that grows rapidly in damp and humid environments and can produce a musty or earthy odor. After any kind of water damage event that leaves behind a lingering odor, mold containment, and remediation will likely be necessary.


Fire in building

The Role of Emergency Preparedness Planning in Minimizing Business Disruptions

Natural disasters, accidents, and other emergencies can strike at any time, leaving businesses vulnerable to damage, property loss, and prolonged closure. Emergency preparedness plans are essential for all businesses. They’re designed to envision potential scenarios and provide plans of action to limit the amount of downtime, help you return to business faster, and save money on extensive repairs.


Manager checking inventory

Preparing for Disaster: Home and Business Inventory Lists

In 2022, 18 major weather-related disaster events in the United States impacted homes and businesses. Each of these disaster events exceeded $1 billion in losses. A home, business, or property inventory list is one tool owners can use to help mitigate their losses after a flood, fire, or another disaster.


Black mold buildup

The Cost of Inaction: The Risks and Consequences of Delaying Mold Remediation

Delaying mold remediation can have severe consequences, including health problems, structural damage to your home or business, lost revenue, and increased expenses. Businesses and homeowners must promptly address any instance of water damage or mold to prevent these consequences. Download to learn why a professional mold remediation company should be called right away to provide risk assessment and remediation services.