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Mold Remediation Services

Preventing mold growth is imperative for creating a safe environment for the people who occupy your home or business property. That’s why Rainbow Restoration offers professional mold remediation services to pinpoint and mitigate the presence of mold.

Time is of the essence when mold is discovered in your home or office building — and what may start out as a small issue can quickly escalate to a major one. Whether you’re a homeowner, shareholder, property manager, or renter, mold can pose a serious health risk and even become a liability issue if not addressed promptly.

Fortunately, our technicians provide immediate mold removal services to ensure your staff, employees, customers, family, and you remain safe.

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Mold Remediation Process

Mold thrives in places with high moisture levels. Our mold remediation process ensures that all mold is thoroughly contained or removed.

We’ll make sure to sanitize all affected materials and areas. Keep in mind that our pros may have to remove any moldy areas and repair spaces where moisture has caused significant structural rot or that can’t be properly dried.

First, your local Rainbow Restoration professionals will carefully inspect your space to create a comprehensive approach to remediation. Our approach may vary based on the following factors:

  • What caused the mold
  • Extent of mold damage
  • Condition and type of surface affected

Our six-step mold remediation process includes:

  1. Inspection: Our technicians will arrive on site to detect the presence of mold and identity the source of the issue. Then, we’ll create a customized plan to address the problem.
  2. Containment: The affected area will be contained to prevent cross-contamination.
  3. Air filtration: A technician will use HEPA filters to clean mold spores and other contaminants in the air.
  4. Removal: Mold soaks deep into personal belongings and other materials, so it’s important to throw away porous items to ensure that mold does not linger. Keep in mind that nonporous items can be sanitized with antimicrobial cleaners.
  5. Structural drying: Repaired and cleaned materials will then be dried to prevent future mold growth.
  6. Reconstruction: Lastly, we’ll reconstruct and repair any affected areas with specialized tools and equipment.

OSHA Mold Removal Compliant  

Mold can be very concerning if not addressed quickly and effectively. Your local Rainbow Restoration follows strict standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for controlling and mitigating mold growth.

Our technicians are also certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to properly administer mold remediation services. We assure that if the job is not done right, we’ll make it right — that’s a Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

We adhere to all local, state, and federal protocols when removing mold.  

Mold Risks to Watch For

Mold can pose a serious risk if not promptly addressed and combated. Some of those risks include:

  • Irritated nose, eyes, throat, and lungs
  • Trouble breathing
  • Cold and/or cough symptoms

Mold exposure also affects certain groups of people more:

  • Young, old, and those with underlying health conditions
  • People with asthma
  • People with seasonal allergies

Mold Growth Causes and Factors  

Humid climates provide the ideal conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Some of the most common causes of mold growth include:

  • Indoor plumbing leaks
  • Water damage from flooding
  • HVAC system issues
  • Roof or window leaks
  • High levels of indoor humidity

Additionally, there are several factors that influence why mold grows in certain areas:

  • Building age: Older properties are more susceptible to broken windows and door seals, leaky roofs, plumbing problems, and inadequate ventilation.
  • Ventilation issues: Both newer and older buildings are vulnerable if they have poorly constructed HVAC systems or don’t use the proper preventive maintenance protocols to control humidity.
  • Building materials: Certain materials found in buildings (e.g., drywall, particle board, and plywood) are more likely to have mold issues.

Thankfully, your local Rainbow Restoration can properly inspect your space and remediate any water damage or other issues to control mold growth, help protect your investment, and prevent any liability issues.

Control Moisture Levels to Prevent Mold

It’s extremely important to control property moisture levels to prevent mold from developing and flourishing. Keep your eyes peeled for any plumbing problems, water leaks, or areas with high humidity and potential for mold.

Implementing effective moisture management techniques can help with better controlling and stopping mold growth. Water leaks, for example, can produce hidden pockets of dampness that can lead to mold if not treated promptly. This means that regularly inspecting your building for any signs of water leakage can help with creating a mold-free space.

Similarly, ensuring that your property is getting the proper ventilation is another great moisture control technique. Adequate airflow can help with decreasing the accumulation of moistness and stop wet areas from forming. This can be done by opening windows, inserting exhaust fans in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and installing a dehumidifier to monitor humidity levels.

Likewise, basements and crawl spaces are especially susceptible to mold due to the high humidity there. We also recommend inserting a dehumidifier in these spaces to help eliminate excess moisture and reduce the risk of mold developing.

Fortunately, our mold remediation technicians can help control moisture levels by identifying the source of the mold problem, whether that’s from a water leak or something else.

Find Rainbow Restoration Mold Remediation Services in Your Local Area

Mold damage is typically found wherever there is water damage. We offer customized mold remediation services to stop the problem.

Rainbow Restoration has decades of expertise and the know-how to help business owners and homeowners alike recover from mold damage and restore properties to their like-new condition. Our service experts will not stop until we’ve found a solution to your mold problem, no questions asked!

If you suspect mold growth, give us a call, book an appointment online, or find a location near you to remedy the problem.

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