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Why Do Earthquakes Often Cause Damaging Fires?

It is commonly known that earthquakes can cause catastrophic structural damage, but it is not as well known that earthquakes can also cause damaging fires. Earthquakes cause fires when they damage residential and business gas and electrical lines, creating natural gas leaks and downing power lines coursing with current.

As these lines break or are damaged, fires can start and become difficult to control, especially with such widespread structural damage and rescue operations taxing emergency services.

Read on to learn how to prevent a fire after an earthquake.

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  • Outside of infrastructure damage, fires may also be encountered after earthquakes. Fires are often caused by broken or damaged lines that cause a spark after coming into contact with flammable home substances or structures. Broken water lines obviously don’t start fires, but once the water lines are damaged, there is nothing to put these fires out, so they ultimately intensify and grow.

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