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When Is Wildfire Season?

Wildfire season is the range between what is typically the season’s first large fire to the season’s last. Wildfires are most prevalent in summer. In the early 1950s, wildfire season was typically five months long. As time has gone on and climate change has intensified, our current wildfire season has grown to seven months.

Wildfires are caused when conditions are hot and dry. Regionally speaking, spring and winter are known to be damper and rainier or snowier in the Midwest, which is why there are minimal wildfires during this season compared to other regions. If we look at Northern California, their wetter seasons tend to be fall and winter, which is why you can find more wildfires there in the summer and spring.

  • The peak month of wildfire season is August, when areas become increasingly dry, hot and more susceptible to a wildfire. The states with the highest number of wildfires are California, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona and Oklahoma.

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