How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

One of the best parts about hiring a professional to clean your carpet is the ease of not having to do the work yourself, but how can you ensure your carpet is receiving the best clean possible?

Below, we dispel some of the myths surrounding professional carpet cleaning and share our tips for carpet cleaning preparation.

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Do I Have to Move My Furniture for Carpet Cleaning?

Yes – if you do it yourself.

But no, not when you choose Rainbow International. One of the many benefits of choosing Rainbow International to clean your carpets is that we do the moving for you. Upon arrival, your local Rainbow International technicians will assess the carpets to be cleaned and prepare the rooms for our hot water extraction process. This includes carefully removing furniture from the area to be cleaned.

Do I Have to Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning?

Yes – if you do it yourself.

But no, not when you choose Rainbow International. As the very first step in our process, we thoroughly vacuum your carpeting prior to beginning our hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

How to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve chosen to have your carpeting professionally cleaned by Rainbow International, you can expect quality and thorough service.

Read on to learn how to prepare for your appointment:

  1. Determine the Rooms Being Cleaned
    The first step in your preparation process for carpet cleaning should be to determine which rooms in your home you want to have cleaned. When you determine these rooms, make sure you’re also taking note of any deep, set-in stains.
  2. Remove Valuables and Breakable Items
    Your Rainbow International technicians will help you move furniture or other large items out of the room before cleaning begins. However, we recommend that home or business owners do take the time to move valuable items and low wall hangings prior to the arrival of our technicians.
  3. Clean Baseboards and Registers
    For a total clean, we recommend taking time to wipe down registers and baseboards. Completing these tasks before having your carpets professional cleaned helps prevent the spread of dust or grime onto your freshly cleaned carpets.
  4. Make a Pet Plan
    While your carpets are being cleaned, make sure your pets are contained in a safe space. This is strictly for the safety and comfort of your pet. As part of the cleaning process, our teams will be using large and somewhat loud pieces of equipment and opening and closing doors frequently.
  5. Health Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

    Receiving regular carpet cleanings is more important than you may know. Not only does it freshen your home and extend the life of your carpet, it can also prevent colds and other health problems by removing bacteria and allergens that have been trapped in your carpet. It also helps minimize mold and destroys dust mites, keeping your home and family healthy.

    Rainbow International Carpet Cleaning Services

As much as we would like to think that regular vacuuming truly cleans our carpets, it doesn’t. Rainbow International’s IICRC-certified technicians offer a six-step carpet cleaning process that thoroughly removes dirt, allergens and contaminates in your carpet fibers, leaving your carpet clean, your air quality improved, and your surfaces looking and feeling like new.

Our process follows the following steps:

  1. Deep vacuuming
  2. Application of preconditioning solution
  3. Agitation of the preconditioning solution
  4. Soil removal with a hot water rinse
  5. Grooming
  6. Drying

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