Commercial Winter Storm and Ice Damage Repair

While an occasional sprinkle of snow is generally harmless to commercial buildings, there can be a downside to much heavier snowfall: commercial winter storm and ice damage.

An excess of ice and snow can cause challenges for commercial properties such as roof leaks, ice dams, or frozen pipes. These outcomes have the ability to shut down a business, causing it to lose revenue and customers.

If your business has suffered damage, let the professionals at Rainbow Restoration repair the destruction that snow and ice can bring.

Winter Storm and Ice Damage Repair Services

Rainbow Restoration professionals repair commercial winter storm and ice damage by offering the following services:

  • Gutter and roof repair: Flat roofs always have the potential of buckling under the weight of ice and snow. Leaking or collapsing roofs are a hazard for customers and employees alike. Don’t let a compromised roof jeopardize your equipment and patrons. Our professionals recognize the urgency of this issue, which is why we work quickly to assess and repair the damage to your roof.
  • Frozen pipe repair: In certain frigid conditions, the pipes in a commercial building can freeze. If untreated, those frozen pipes have the potential to burst, which translates into one unfortunate consequence for your business: flooding. Flooding can damage equipment and create unsafe conditions for customers and employees. Our team of experts, who specialize in commercial frozen pipes repair, can fix your frozen pipes and help your business recover from the damage caused by burst pipes.

FAQs about Commercial Ice Damage Repair

Can normal amounts of snow and ice damage my commercial building?

“Normal” amounts depend on the area where your business is located. For some businesses, a dust of snow is normal, and for others, blizzards are a regular occurrence. All businesses should be prepared for any amount of snow no matter what is deemed to be “normal.”

There is always the potential for ice to form on your roof, which can cause major problems. Your pipes can also burst if temperatures drop below freezing. If you suspect that the cold temperatures in your area are affecting your commercial building, let Rainbow Restoration professionals help mitigate the damage.

How do I know if I need to hire a professional for commercial ice damage repair?

Letting this problem linger — or trying to repair it yourself — can have grave consequences. When dealing with structural damage, it is always best to contact a licensed professional for service.

Find a Rainbow Restoration Winter Storm Damage Repair Expert in Your Local Area

Rainbow Restoration has technicians in your area ready to assist with commercial winter storm damage repair. Find a location near you or give us a call at: (855) 724-6269.

If you’re worried about icy temperatures putting a strain on your business, schedule an appointment with Rainbow Restoration to restore your building.