Commercial Earthquake Damage Repair

In the face of an earthquake, even sturdy commercial buildings can suffer damage. To deal with an earthquake’s impact and restore businesses as quickly as possible, professional commercial earthquake damage repair is often necessary.

The professionals at Rainbow Restoration consider every effect of earthquake damage, working immediately to restore your property back to normal. From cleaning up debris to repairing broken windows and collapsed infrastructure, our experienced teams can handle all the tasks you need.

Professional Earthquake Damage Repair Services

The earthquake damage repair experts at Rainbow Restoration help you:

  • Replace broken windows and doors
  • Restore the infrastructure of your building
  • Repair collapsed walls
  • Remove dangerous items and debris
  • Dispose of damaged property
  • Remove water and any mold resulting from flooding or firefighting efforts
  • Secure any exposed areas with temporary boards or tarp

FAQs about Commercial Earthquake Damage Repair

Can earthquakes lead to damage from other natural disasters?

Earthquakes can lead to fires, avalanches, floods, and even tsunamis. Since earthquakes are often not independent events, it’s important to consider there may be additional damage associated with other natural disasters that may have occurred. For example, firefighting efforts from resulting fires can often lead to water damage. Rainbow Restoration professionals take a holistic view of damage to your property in order to restore your entire business operation.

Can a commercial building that has been completely ruined by an earthquake be salvaged?

Rainbow Restoration’s commercial reconstruction division specializes in buildings that have been severely damaged and use a step-by-step process to determine if a property can be repaired. We make it our priority to ensure that your business is up and running again, even after severe earthquake damage.

How do I know that my property is safe after repairs have been done?

Your building is safe when dangerous debris has been removed, it’s structurally sound, all mold has been eliminated, and any open, unsecured areas have been covered. Rainbow Restoration professionals will certify the building is safe before allowing anyone inside.

Find a Rainbow Restoration Earthquake Damage Repair Expert in Your Local Area

There’s no surefire way to predict whether or not disaster will strike again, but the technicians at Rainbow Restoration are always on standby to help in the instance of a catastrophe. We have contractors in your area ready to assist with commercial earthquake damage repair. Find a location near you or give us a call at (855) 724-6269.

If you’re dealing with the devastation of an earthquake, schedule an appointment with our commercial repair professionals today.