Commercial Sewage Cleanup and Sanitation

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While there can be multiple causes for a commercial sewage backup, there’s only one solution for eliminating the destruction that this event causes: professional cleanup services. To ensure the elimination of odor, water damage, mold, and more, you need experts. Use Rainbow Restoration’s commercial sewage cleanup service for your commercial space or rental property.

Professional Sewage Cleanup Services

Rainbow Restoration’s commercial sewage cleanup service restores your business using a multi-step process. Starting with removing excess water, professionals will clean the site, perform mold remediation, and even address odor concerns while identifying the cause of the sewage backup and using specialized techniques to attack the problem.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Process

Rainbow Restoration professionals will start by extracting all excess water and drying carpeting and other affected materials.

Once all water is drained and your space is dehumidified, safety is ensured by identifying and removing any mold on the premises. Finally, unwanted odors are removed from the sewage backup to make sure you and your employees are not only safe but also able to resume work comfortably.

Septic Tank Failure Cleanup

A septic tank failure causes unsanitary sewage to travel through a building’s pipes and gather around the tank. This presents a hazard to everyone who uses your facility.

Rainbow Restoration will make sure that your business looks, feels, and smells clean again, as it did before your septic tank failed.

Toilet Overflow Cleanup

If a toilet overflows, the bathroom can also be an unseen danger zone for your patrons. Bathrooms in commercial spaces can sometimes be the mark of how clean a business is. We recognize that hidden germs are just as important to address as the meticulous look of your business.

The last thing you need is bacteria inconspicuously traveling throughout your commercial space, making your customers ill. Rainbow Restoration will work to eliminate wastewater and the dangerous bacteria that accompanies it.

FAQs About Commercial Sewage Cleanup

Can I just call a plumber to address my commercial sewage cleanup?

You should have a plumber fix the source of the problem. However, plumbers don’t usually provide sanitation and restorative services. For complete commercial sewage backup cleanup, you need to eliminate odor, mold, other dangerous bacteria. The experts at Rainbow Restoration recognize the need to restore your business to 100% operational.

Are the processes for residential and commercial sewage cleanup the same?

No. Because commercial buildings tend to have more units and more complex plumbing needs, trained technicians will treat each of these cases differently.

Find Sewage Cleanup Experts in Your Area

If you need commercial sewage cleanup, you can find the Rainbow Restoration experts nearest you, call (855) 724-6269, or request an appointment online.