Commercial Hoarding Cleanup 

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Despite the best efforts to screen for tidy tenants, sometimes property owners are faced with situations of hoarding.

Hoarding is defined as the excessive gathering of items that could be anything from paper, clothing, food or trash to animals. This presents an unclean, unhealthy, and dangerous environment that potentially reduces your commercial or rental property value. If you are faced with cleaning up a hoarding situation, it is time to call in the commercial property cleanup professionals at Rainbow Restoration.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

Hoarding is a hazard that can cause significant property damage to apartments and rental housing, as well as office spaces. It can also impair the health and safety of nearby tenants.

Rainbow Restoration’s professional hoarding cleanup service includes junk removal, recategorizing clutter as either recyclable or trash, and sanitizing any affected areas. The end result is a pristine, functional space that puts tenants at ease.

Potential Hoarding Signs

  • Sanitary and safety problems: Mouse droppings or bugs around cluttered areas that have food or paper.
  • Trouble categorizing and organizing items: Everything is in disarray. For instance, basement items are in the kitchen, and kitchen items are in the bathroom.
  • Impulsive need to keep items: Items piled on top of each other that don’t appear to have been used in years.
  • Everyday activities are hard to accomplish due to cluttered spaces: General feeling of frustration when in close vicinity of the cluttered space.

If any of these signs sound like the situation at your business or rental, Rainbow Restoration’s commercial property cleanup service can help.

Hoarding Cleanup Process

Rainbow Restoration will:

  • Remove clutter, debris, harmful materials, and animal infestation
  • Remove damaged appliances, furniture, or structural pieces
  • Sanitize the affected area
  • Help to dispose or donate items
  • Repair damage and restore the interior structure

Step 1: Inspect the Space

Professionals will examine all clutter and debris to assess safety hazards and any structural damage.

Step 2: Stage Items and Separate by Category

Rainbow Restoration professionals separate all materials into categories to ensure the organization of like items. This simplifies the reorganization process.

Step 3: Allocate Possessions for Recycling or Donation

The next step is to sort items into piles for donation or recycling.

Step 4: Reorganize the Space

After all safety hazards, clutter, and debris are removed, the focus shifts to reorganizing your space in a way that makes sense and is functional.

FAQs About Hoarding Cleanup  

Will insurance pay for hoarding cleanup?

This will depend on the type of insurance and the extent of the damage. Work with your insurance carrier to understand the extent of your coverage.

Why do I need professional hoarding cleanup services? Can’t I clean up myself?

Tenants can create hoarding situations that are difficult to monitor. Using a professional hoarding cleanup service ensures that you can focus on what really matters: keeping current and future tenants safe.

Find Commercial Property Cleanup Experts in Your Area

Rainbow Restoration can restore your space back to clean and functional so that you can run your business smoothly. To learn more about how Rainbow Restoration can help with commercial hoarding cleanup, please call us at (855) 724-6269, find a location near you, or request an appointment.