Commercial Burst and Leaking Pipes Clean Up

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Although a burst pipe in a commercial building is not always noticeable, the damage that follows can be hazardous. Burst pipes in commercial settings can destroy flooring, release contaminants into the workplace, and wreck a building’s infrastructure. These effects can turn a commercial building into a dangerous environment that can lead to illness, injury, and expense.

The experts at Rainbow Restoration specialize in commercial burst pipe cleanup to protect your business and keep your employees and customers safe.

Damage Caused by Burst Pipes

The sooner the damage from your pipes is contained, the sooner you can get back to business. The type of damage incurred can include:

  • Water damage: Water can destroy walls, floors, equipment, furniture, and other property materials. It’s crucial to get on top of cleaning as soon as possible to avoid irreparable harm to business assets.
  • Mold contamination: The accumulation of moisture can cause mold to rapidly grow. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends drying water-damaged spaces and possessions within 24 to 48 hours to stop mold development. 
  • Structural damage: Ruptured pipes can put excessive pressure on ceilings, walls, and floors — which can cause them to collapse over time.
  • Electrical damage: Water and electricity are a hazardous mixture. Electrical wiring that is riddled with water can cause short circuits, shocks, and fires. 

Common Burst Pipe Causes

Although leaky pipes are sometimes inevitable, there are certain conditions that can make plumbing more susceptible to leakage. Here are some common burst pipe causes to watch for:

  • Freezing weather: If a commercial property is located where temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, pipes can easily freeze. Once the water inside the pipe freezes, it expands, which may result in the pipe bursting in one or more places.
  • Rusted metal pipes: If pipes are metal, rust can corrode the outside. This may weaken the integrity of the pipe, allowing for drips and leaks.
  • High water pressure: An increase in water pressure, particularly if the increase is sudden, can cause pipes to burst.
  • Faulty seals: If the fittings and seals on pipes are corroded, worn, or not securely fitted, they can cause water leaks.

Commercial Burst Water Pipe Damage Clean Up 

If a pipe in your commercial building has burst, it’s best to call a licensed professional to ensure that the water-damaged area is thoroughly dried and cleaned.

Although you may be able to clean up some of the outward effects, there may be other damage that’s not as easy to see. This is the type of damage that’s hazardous and can lead to mold and a weakened infrastructure.

The experts at Rainbow Restoration implement a detailed process to ensure all structural deterioration is identified.

  1. Assessing the damage: Restoration professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the extent of the water damage — even if the damage is unseen.
  2. Removing excess water: Technicians perform commercial rapid structural drying and use special tools to drain and quickly dry your building’s flooring, walls, and structure.
  3. Moving your property to a safe facility: To avoid further destruction to your property, contents can be temporarily removed from the damaged building to a secure, safe facility.
  4. Cleaning your business’s property: Rainbow Restoration will work to restore as much of your business’s property that has water damage as possible.
  5. Eliminating mold: Mold can accumulate from any amount of water leakage. Because mold is dangerous and quick to spread, 24/7 commercial mold removal emergency services is offered to eliminate and remediate mold damage and odor.

FAQs About Burst Pipe Cleanup Services

What damage does a burst pipe cause?

A burst pipe can cause mildew and mold growth, damage belongings and equipment, and impact the structural integrity of your commercial building.

Will I have to shut down my business for burst pipe cleanup?

At Rainbow Restoration, we focus on getting you back to business quickly by creating safe and structurally sound conditions. Although your building may need to be evacuated for a short time, particularly if dangers such as mold exist, we prioritize the fast restoration of your business.

How will you clean and repair my commercial building?

Rainbow Restoration professionals use specialized equipment to remove excess water in your building and perform services designed to clean and repair the damaged items in your business. We are eager to get your business back to its best possible condition.

Your Local Water Damage Expert

Rainbow Restoration has professionals in your area ready to assist with commercial burst pipe cleanup.

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