Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Moisture and trapped water pockets can become a problem within home and business crawlspaces. In some situations, given the right conditions and environment, crawlspaces become mold reservoirs, leading to mold exposure throughout the home or business. To best address water and mold damage situations in your home or business, contact the nearest Rainbow International® of Chicago North Shore.

A few tell-tale signs can tell you if the crawlspaces in your home or business may be in need of water and damage restoration and cleanup:

  •       Poor air quality is a problem within the living and working spaces of the structure
  •       A musty odor permeates throughout the structure
  •       Family members or employees suffer from increased allergies and/or asthma
  •       Family members or employees suffer from chronic headaches
  •       Multiple and/or recurring pipe breaks
  •       Cable or wiring issues
  •       Warped or buckling floors
  •       A certified home inspector mentions crawlspace moisture and mold growth

Many crawlspaces are built with foundation vents which are designed to help keep moisture problems in check. However, research indicates such vents may actually allow in more moisture than they block. Traditional vented crawlspaces have one vent for every 150 square feet and one vent from each corner of the crawlspace. Some also feature fan systems to draw additional moist air into the crawlspace.

Recent years have seen a rise in closed crawlspace systems to help control moisture and mold. Such a system works by enclosing the crawlspace with a moisture barrier and installing liners up piers and walls, thus sealing vents from the outside air.

In addition to blocking moisture, closed crawlspaces can help the environment by reducing heating and cooling bills for home and business owners.

Mold requires moisture to grow. Vented crawlspaces can serve as a hospitable environment for mold to grow. During humid or rainy weather months, a vented crawlspace can become damp with moisture. This warm moisture encourages mold growth on wood, HVAC ducts and other organic material in the crawlspace.

Mold growth is sometimes visible on wood beams and joists. Mold can grow, however, on most organic host surfaces. Condensation can form on HVAC duct lines when homes and businesses use air conditioning systems. Cool flooring and air ducts offer an environment for mold growth.

Regular inspections, moisture control within crawlspaces and a sealed crawlspace system can offer protection from this mold growth.

If you suspect your home or business might suffer from excess moisture and mold growth in its crawlspace system, contacting a qualified and skilled restoration specialist like Rainbow International is critical. This type of specialized work requires the right technology and equipment, established processes and trained service professionals to properly complete. Call Rainbow International® of Chicago North Shore  (847) 673-3473.  Proudly Serving Skokie, Evanston and Chicago.