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Choosing or Referring a Service Provider – Part 3 “Getting the Job Done Right”

Most everyone has had to invite a service provider in their home. As homeowners and professionals, you will at some point have to choose for yourself, or be asked to refer, a service provider to clients or friends. Please understand that especially on professional referrals, your reputation and credibility will be on the line, so don’t take the responsibility lightly. For the last couple of postings, I discussed employee and vehicle appearance. In the case of referrals these are very important, as appearances and professionalism is a direct reflection on you. However, when the job is done, it absolutely must have been completed correctly, with quality workmanship. Most industries have training standards and certifications to gauge them. Before choosing or referring a provider be sure to ask and confirm that the company you are using invested in proper training and certifications for employees they are sending out.

In restoration, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the organization that develops the standards, guidelines, and certifies technicians and firms. They develop the standards for the industry, and provide trainings and certifications to ensure technicians are qualified to perform the work according to the guidelines. Cards and certificates are issued following passing exams. Before referring a firm out to a water damage, ensure that there is an ASD (Applied Structural Drying) or CDS (Commercial Drying Specialist) certified technician overseeing the job, and at a minimum that there is a WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician) certified technician leading the crews working. These designations demonstrate the technicians have been trained on what needs to be done, the guidelines and standards for the work being performed, and the safety measures that need to be taken. Verify by asking for certificates.

Certifications demonstrate that the technicians have been trained on what needs to be done, but nothing can replace experience on how to safely get it done without causing collateral damage. Speak to your providers about the technicians they employ and get their experience background. Working safely and protecting unaffected areas from damage is a skill learned on the job. It doesn’t take decades to learn these skills. But you do need to make sure your home or your important clients homes are not being used as a training ground for unproven crew leaders. Training is an ongoing process and will occur at all jobs, just make sure the person leading the crews is experienced and certified.

At Rainbow Restoration of Plum, we only send out clean-cut service professionals with uniforms and identification badges. They will arrive in clean, well-maintained, marked vehicles. Our technicians are knowledgeable, trained, and certified in the latest restoration and cleaning techniques and equipment. They will respect themselves, their company, their customer’s home, and best of all the referring party’s reputation. You will not see an ungroomed, dirty, out-of-uniform employee climb out of a beat up, unmaintained vehicle at Rainbow Restoration of Plum. Just the best trained, most professional employees in the Pittsburgh area, arriving in a clean, well equipped service vehicle.

If you use or refer Rainbow Restoration of Plum, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We are available 24/7, 365. If you need quality service, we are the only call to make.  412.385.9050 or [email protected]

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