4 Frustrations Pet Owners Find When Using the Cheap Carpet Cleaning Company

Pet ownership has grown in popularity over the last few years.  Just look around you.  Finding man’s best friend is not difficult.  You will find dogs walking their owners around the neighborhood, riding shotgun in the family vehicle, or shopping in many of your local big-box stores.  Dwellings where there are not dogs, the likeliness of finding the feline equivalent is probable.  Unfortunately, a reality of pet ownership is that even if you don’t see them…there’s a good chance you will still know they are there.  Even with “good” pets, and responsible owners, there will likely be smells accompanying your favorite companion.  To manage this reality, skilled, properly trained cleaning specialist will be needed periodically to help.  Way to often with customers we assist, they have already discovered the frustration of dealing with the advertised low-price service provider.


Frustration 1 – My Carpet Looked Worse After It Was Cleaned

WE’LL CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE FOR $XX.XX DOLLARS.  I’m sure you’ve seen the coupons.  Usually a ridiculously low amount.  When the company arrive, typically they will either suddenly add charges for everything possible, or they will send an undertrained technician who is under pressure to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible, to make a little profit.  As a result, spots are not addressed and many new ones appear.  Whether it’s improper products being applied, too much moisture used, wrong equipment being used, or not using tools properly the results are poor.  Add the challenge of pet damage, and the poor results are amplified.  There is a difference between cheap and value.

Frustration 2 – My Carpet Smells Worse After It Was Cleaned

Like the appearance frustration, the rush job normally associated with cheap service will bring odors to life that you never even knew were there.  Smells that were long dormant deep in the carpet backing or pad have now been rejuvenated and are living a great new life in your air.  Cleaning and deodorizing are two different things, and the masking agents often added during a low value cleaning will disappear shortly after the cleaner’s truck. 

Frustration 3 – No Matter How Many Times I Clean My Carpet, The Smell Remains the Same

Consider that perhaps it’s not just your carpet.  Pet accidents (or on purposes) are not just contained on the floor.  Pet are now part of the family.  What was once off limits, like furniture, are now common resting places for animals.  Even if your pet is “good”; salvia and pet fur/dander can be found in areas other than carpet.  In addition, the lower part of walls around a room’s perimeters are often the target of pets “marking” their territory.  Pet damage is not the same as carpet cleaning.  It requires special inspections, special products, and special training.  It requires a specialist. 

Frustration 4 – I Was Promised That If I Paid Their Price the Odor Would Be Gone

Expectations should be set up front.  The only way to guarantee full odor removal is first full source removal.  Source removal would include relocating your pet (a service we cannot provide!).  Additionally, source removal could include taking outextensively damaged building materials like flooring, wall coverings or furniture.  After source removal, any item that cannot be cleaned will need to be painted/sealed or replaced.  As you can imagine, a guarantee is often impractical or economically not feasible.  However, with realistic expectations, a trained professional can provide you many options up to and including guaranteed full odor removal. 

Cheap service is not good and good service is not cheap.  However, it doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Rainbow Restoration offers professional service at a value.  Before we begin a project, we will fully educate our customers on the process and provide realistic expectations as well as an upfront price.  So please when you see those value coupons mailers or magazine come in, consider them to line your litter boxes and call only Rainbow Restoration when you need professional service at a fair price.