Stay Beautiful Program

The Problem

Before we started our Stay Beautiful Program, Rainbow International Restoration would come in, do a great job on our customers’ carpets and they would look "Beautiful".  But we discovered a problem.  Most of our customers clean their carpets every 12-18 months.  However, 6-8 months after cleaning, open areas could use a sprucing up.  Normal traffic would take its toll.  Maybe you’ve noticed this in your home?  Our customers had to live with these "attention grabbing" areas until their yearly carpet cleaning appointment rolled around and we would put the "Beautiful" back into the carpets.

The Solution

The Stay Beautiful Program is designed to solve this issue by giving our customers an extra cleaning plus one free spot visit utilizing a payment structure that’s easy to afford.  Here’s how it works:

  • You choose what rooms you want included in the Stay Beautiful Program.  
  • Every year, your carpets receive a wall-to-wall hot water extraction cleaning that includes an application of Scotchgard® carpet protector.  Scotchgard® helps maintain your carpet’s fiber integrity and aides in stain removal.
  • Six months after your wall-to-wall cleaning, we return and clean all open areas and remove those “attention grabbing” areas mentioned above.  With the exception of dining room chairs and tables, we leave furniture alone.
  • Sometimes accidents happen.  That’s why we added one free spot cleaning that you can use to bring us back out and take care of.
  • Our office will call you two to three weeks ahead of your scheduled cleaning time to re-confirm that we’re still on track.

Here’s How We Charge for the Program

  • You pay for the initial wall-to-wall cleaning to start the program.  
  • Every month you invest 10% of the initial cleaning price for as long as you remain in the program.  
  • Any work that is not covered under your Stay Beautiful Program such as upholstery cleaning, non-covered carpeted areas, hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout renovation/sealing, etc. will be billed at current prices at a 20% discount if it is scheduled and performed while we are at your home.  
  • It is a minimum of $30 per month to be enrolled in the Stay Beautiful Program.


As you can see, members of the Stay Beautiful Program receive two cleanings, Scotchgard®, and one spot cleaning for little more than the price of one cleaning.  If you are interested in joining the program, give us a call and we can give you a complimentary inspection and consultation.