Vandalism Cleanup and Graffiti Removal Services

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Graffiti is written, painted, or drawn on a wall or other surface illicitly. The marking or painting of property without permission is considered by property owners and civic authorities as defacement and vandalism since it can negatively affect a business or property.

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Commercial Repair Due to Vandalism

Rainbow Restoration considers several factors when removing graffiti and providing vandalism cleanup services including the different surfaces, vandalism damage, and type of graffiti that you may have. A thorough inspection must be done to determine the procedure and type of product to use without causing further property damage.

During the initial assessment, our professionals will evaluate the damage to your property and pay close attention to any structural damage. We also examine surface damage and create a custom restoration plan that is best suited for your business.

We provide the necessary services to return your property to the best possible condition no matter what type of vandalism occurs.

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Complete Vandalism Cleanup and Graffiti Removal Services

Rainbow Restoration specialists use industry best practices to fix your property so that you can get back to business as fast as possible.

We have the skills and tools needed to remove defacement of any kind on even the toughest interior and exterior surfaces including concrete, asphalt, drywall, plastic, wood, brick, glass, or masonry.

Commercial services offered by Rainbow Restoration include:

Four Essential Elements of Graffiti Removal

Rainbow Restoration follows four important rules to safely remove graffiti from your commercial building. 

  1. Chemical strength: It's important to match chemical strength to the surface. Heavy duty graffiti removers are designed for non-sensitive surfaces such as brick, concrete, and stone. Medium duty graffiti removers are designed for plastic and painted surfaces. Light duty graffiti removers are designed for delicate surfaces such as murals and whiteboards.
  2. Dwell time: The longer the dwell time, the more effectively the graffiti removal solvent can soften and dissolve the graffiti tag paint. Graffiti removal gel is designed to cling to a vertical surface, reduce dripping, and provide a longer dwell time. In some cases, graffiti tags break quickly, within 30 seconds or a minute or two. In other cases, the tags can take 15 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind that warmer ambient temperatures, some abrasion during the dwell time, and an application of additional graffiti remover can increase effectiveness and decrease the length of the dwell time.
  3. Abrasion: Applying a thorough scrub with a stiff brush during dwell time can increase effectiveness, help move lose graffiti paint pigment aside, and allow for the graffiti removal solvent to meet the graffiti paint pigment underneath and soften its bond. A pressure washer is an ideal tool as it provides both micro-abrasion and rinsing in one step. If a fan tip nozzle is used, damage to the substrate can be avoided. In some cases, graffiti removal techniques rely on heavy abrasion or scrubbing (e.g., sand blasting or soda blasting). In other cases, abrasion is not used at all. Instead, a chemical solvent can be used for a long, overnight dwell time.
  4. Temperature: Molecules move quickly when it's warm and slowly when it's cold. The warmer the weather is, the faster the graffiti removal process can happen. In colder temperatures, the sunlight on surfaces can help and hot water in the pressure washer can make a significant improvement to effectiveness.

FAQs About Vandalism Cleanup and Graffiti Removal

How do you clean up after an act of vandalism?

The type of techniques applied will depend on the vandalism. Contact your local Rainbow Restoration for a customized restoration plan.

What is the best thing to remove graffiti?

The best thing to remove graffiti will depend on the surface type. For example, heavy duty graffiti removers are meant for brick, concrete, and stone surfaces. Medium duty graffiti agents are designed for plastic and painted surfaces, and light duty cleaners are made for delicate surfaces (e.g., murals and whiteboards).

Contact Your Local Rainbow Restoration for Help with Vandalism and Graffiti Damage

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