Contents Restoration

Storm damage, fire, wind damage, smoke damage, sewage backups, mold, and odor issues can happen at any time, without warning. As a result, your property and contents within the property can be damaged or completely ruined. This can be devastating to you and your family; especially those items that carry with them so many personal and family memories.

So, what do you do when the unexpected happens?

contents restoration 

Your first impulse will be to do the cleanup yourself and possibly some of the contents restoration yourself. But, in serious cases, you need to call an expert to help you restore those contents to their original state.

The technicians at Rainbow International are here to help you with your content restoration needs. If you have valuable items that you do not want to leave to a novice restoration company, then give us a call at (410) 836-2445.

We serve the residents of Elkton, Pikesville, Joppa, Cockeysville, Bel Air, Baltimore, and the greater Northeastern Maryland areas. We have taken the time to ensure our technicians are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

If items such as upholstery, furnishings, clothing, and those special items that represent your cherished memories are not damaged beyond repair, our technicians can restore them. Your property is important to us. Our technicians are courteous, empathetic, professional, and provide excellent customer service. We will take care of your items like they were our own.

What to Expect when You Choose Rainbow International

contents restoration

During these challenging times, our professionals will proceed as follows:

  • Assess the Damage

It is important to conduct an accurate assessment of all the inventory damaged in your property. Our technicians will determine which items are salvageable and those which are damaged beyond repair.

  • Record the Inventory

 For the items that are salvageable, our technicians will locate and document each item, so that each and every item is returned to you. The items will then be removed for restoration. During this process, we take special care to be accountable for your property.

Our main goal is to restore all of your items, but for the items that are not salvageable, our technicians will document each of these items and help you compile a final list for you and your insurance company.

This will assist in the overall insurance claims process. As soon as the claim process is complete, we will dispose of those items that are beyond repair.


contents restoration
  • Contents Removal

Once inventory has been taken, we will carefully remove all contents that can be restored and move the items to our cleaning facility. At that point, our technicians will clean and deodorize each item to its original condition, using the latest technologies in cleaning that are appropriate for the item. Items are carefully packed and shipped in our specialty trucks to a new, climate controlled facility in Harford County.

This 15,000 SF facility is climate controlled for heat and humidity, as well as 24/7 alarm and video surveillance. Once in the cleaning facility, items are cleaned and deodorized to bring them back to pre-loss condition. Our IICRC technicians are trained to match the correct equipment to the specific item. You can be assured that each of your items will be handled with care.

  • Inventory of Items

We use an exclusive inventory system, iCAT that allows us to record each individual item from your home and provide a digital inventory for each item removed from your home.

This allows you to view the item in the event you or someone needs that item prior to full return of your items. Clients can visit our facility to retrieve the items with 24 hours notice! iCAT also provides for (with permission from your insurance company) inventory of total loss items and a website where we provide the description of the item and the cost of the item, allowing you and your insurance company to quickly settle on the replacement cost of the total loss (or non-restorable) item.

  • Return of Your Items

When all items have been cleaned and deodorized, our technicians will match each item with the inventory list to ensure that all items are accounted for. Then, they will be packed carefully and returned to you in their original condition. You will be amazed at the condition of your items when you see them! You will be pleased.

Have Peace of Mind When Choosing Rainbow International

contents restoration

Although our business is to restore damaged items for home and property owners, we sincerely hope that you never have to deal with the devastating experience of property loss. However, isn’t it nice to know that you have experienced professionals, located close by, to help you through these tough times? We are here to serve you when disaster strikes! We are here for your peace of mind!

We are fully trained and certified by the IICRC, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This includes holidays and weekends, as well.

Our technicians at Rainbow International serve the greater Northeastern Maryland geographical area, which includes Elkton, Pikesville, Joppa, Cockeysville, Bel Air, and Baltimore. We have an excellent reputation for quick response and professional service. Rest assured, you can count on us!

Dispatchers are on-hand and can send one of our trained representatives to assess the damage and provide you a quote to restore your items. 

If you have experienced a loss and need your contents restored, give Rainbow International a call at (410) 836-2445!