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Cleaning Carpets in the Winter at Your Business – Waste of Time or Good Idea?

It does seem like a waste at first. As soon as the wet floor signs are removed, the tracking starts again. “I’m just going to wait until Spring.” This is a quote heard over and over in the industry. However, before uttering those words yourself, consider the following points.

First, does your customer’s expectations and perceptions change in the winter? Those unsightly white stains all around your building silently speak volumes in your customer’s, and potential customer’s, minds. Whereas they may consciously understand that it’s just part of a Pittsburgh winter…the unconscious perception is there.

If that isn’t enough, consider the damage to the flooring in which your company invested so much money. Snow melt and road salts are extremely high alkaline products. When left untreated on your carpet they can cause damage to your carpet fibers, making them much more susceptible to abrasions and other damages. This will greatly reduce the life expectations and appearance of that major investment. Additionally, that un-checked build-up of chemical, frozen debris, and soil can very much affect the effectiveness of that spring carpet cleaning; making return trips or living with inadequate results a fact of life later.

Finally, would be the unseen effects of not cleaning your carpets in the winter. Allergens don’t go away in the winter. In addition to a buildings HVAC system, your carpet serves as the number two filtration device in your facility. Allergens are “filtered” and trapped in the fiber of the carpet and padding and removed during cleaning. This air filtration effect is minimized if allergens, soil and other debris are left embedded in the carpet and not removed. Keep your building as healthy as possible.

Should you have your carpet cleaned in the winter? Absolutely yes. In fact, because of misconceptions, carpet cleaning schedules are normally light in the winter. Getting a timely, convenient time scheduled for your business will be easiest during those months. Your service professionals at Rainbow Restoration of Plum are available to meet your businesses’ needs anytime; including evenings if needed. Following our services, we would strongly recommend installing walk-off mats at all entrances, if not already employed. These mats, combined with our rescue cleaning and a Rainbow Restoration on-going carpet maintenance program will restore your business’ appearance and maximize the life of your carpet.

Call today, for a free assessment and quote. At Rainbow Restoration of Plum, We Restore, You Recover.

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