Choosing or Referring a Service Provider – Part 1 “Do They Even Own a Mirror?”

Most everyone has at one point or the other had to invite a service provider in their home. Most people who have had multiple needs have probably had varying experiences; from very professional, competent technicians that made you feel comfortable throughout the experience, to the ones that kept you on edge the entire time and had you already thinking about having to call someone else to fix the problem. As homeowners and professionals, you will at some point have to choose for yourself or be asked to refer a service provider to clients or friends. Please understand that especially on professional referrals, your reputation and credibility will be on the line, so don’t take the responsibility lightly. The first item I would ask you to consider is appearance.

A customer’s perception is determined within the first few seconds of a visit. Was the technician clean, in uniform, well-groomed or was he/she in dirty jeans or shorts, ripped t-shirt from their latest concert, with no attempt at grooming? As a great Human Resources Manager that I used to work with was fond of saying when describing technician appearances…”Do they even own a mirror?”

To further expound on the perception piece, if that same unprofessional tech did not have enough self-pride to properly prepare to go to work, what are the chances that they take pride in their work? What are the chances they will take pride in protecting your home or your referral’s home while doing work? Even more importantly, if their employer takes no more pride in their business than to allow their representatives to look that way, what are the chances that they will care if you have a problem or a need during or after service? All things that need to be considered.

Everyone knows that one special service person that does a great job at a great price, but maybe struggles in appearance or customer service skills. I know a few. However, is this the type of person you want representing you or your company when you make a referral? I would dare say no. The perception of the person you send is the perception made of you.

Having been in the residential service arena for the last 15 years and currently working in the disaster restoration industry, where customer skills takes on a whole new level, I’m perhaps more observant than many. What I see at the local convenience stores, supply houses, and just driving around the Pittsburgh is often not what should represent companies that would consider themselves professional. Especially in the Restoration Industry where the customer is often panicked and in an unplanned event; a calming, professional appearance and customer service skills can be the difference between a satisfactory experience through the claims process or one that reflects poorly on the provider as well as the company recommending them.

At Rainbow International of Plum, we only send out clean-cut service professionals with uniforms and identification badges. They are knowledgeable and trained in the latest restoration and cleaning techniques and equipment. They will respect themselves, their company, their customer’s home, and best of all the referring party’s reputation. We will not be swayed by the idea in today’s society that grooming and shaving is no longer necessary, and that conforming to dress code is too restrictive. I will go out and do every job myself before conceding to those ideas. No jeans, shorts, dirty technicians, and chewing tobacco at Rainbow International of Plum. Just the best trained most professional employees in the Pittsburgh area.

There is still more to a good service provider than just appearance however. More pointers to help you choose the best provider to come…