Tornado Preparedness Checklist

Are you prepared for a tornado? A tornado can be defined as “a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system.”

While tornadoes most frequently affect communities in the Midwest and southeast, tornadoes can strike anywhere.

Download the Rainbow Restoration Tornado Preparedness Checklist to learn how you can prepare your family for a tornado.

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How to Prepare for a Tornado

  • Understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning:
    • A “tornado watch” indicates that the conditions are prime for a tornado. During a tornado watch, it’s important to pay attention to weather and emergency notifications.
    • A “tornado warning” indicates that a tornado has been sighted or picked up on radar. During a tornado warning, immediately seek shelter.
  • Be Ready: Make a Plan
    • Identify a safe space to shelter at your home or business in the event of a tornado. Ideally, this place should be in a basement or in a bathroom or interior room that does not have windows.
    • If you live in a mobile home, identify an alternative shelter at a nearby building.
    • If you live in an apartment or work in a multi-story building, shelter in the basement or, if it doesn’t have one, in the hallway of the lowest story.
  • Build a Tornado Preparedness Kit
    A basic preparedness kit will help you be ready for any eventuality. Below is a list of basic supplies we recommend having on hand. Homeowners should store this kit in their basement safe spot for easy access during a tornado:
    • Flashlights with fresh batteries and/or hand crank lantern
    • First aid kit
    • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert
    • Extra batteries (the size you need to power your flashlight and radio)
    • Water
    • Non-perishable food (canned food, snack bars and dried fruit all good options)
    • Manual can opener
    • Cell phone chargers and an external battery pack (power bank)

This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the members of your family, you may need to add additional items to your tornado preparedness kit. Keep in mind specialized supplies / medicines for the very young, very old or those with health problems. Learn more about building an emergency kit.

Choose Rainbow Restoration

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