What do Do After a Hurricane

At Rainbow Restoration, we understand the unique challenges faced by home and business owners in hurricane-prone areas. Returning home after an evacuation means walking into the unknown. We’ve designed this guide to help homeowners prepare to return home, assess damage and recover after a hurricane.

Print this checklist and keep it with your evacuation supplies. Refer to our safety and damage assessment tips before you return home.

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Hurricane Safety Tips: After the Storm

  1. Do not return home until authorities have given the “all clear.” Stay tuned to local news stations for the most up-to-date information regarding the evacuation.
  2. Travel home with a full tank of gas, bottled water, snacks, fire extinguisher, flashlights and your driver’s license or I.D. It’s important to have adequate supplies even if you don’t anticipate staying at your home overnight, in case of emergency.
  3. Do not use matches or lighters in an evacuation zone until know all gas lines in the area have been checked for leaks.
  4. Only drive on approved roads. Roads within the evacuation zone may be flooded, washed out or covered in downed trees or power lines.
  5. Avoid downed power lines and metal objects near downed power lines. Never drive over downed power lines. Turn the car around.
  6. Wear gloves, thick-soled shoes, long pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from sharp objects, contaminants and pests.

Assessing the Damage: What to Do After a Hurricane

Before entering your home, look for damage to the exterior of your house, including the chimney, yard, outbuildings and any vehicles that were left behind. Be aware of any downed power lines, gas smells, fire damage, etc. before entering your home.

Keep these tips in mind when entering your home to assess hurricane damage:

  • Leave your home or property immediately if you smell gas.
  • Watch for safety hazards like broken glass, sharp objects, slippery floors and loose boards.
  • If structural damage is present, turn off utilities (gas, water, etc.)
  • Do not run any portable, gas-operated appliances (i.e. a gas-powered generator) indoors.
  • Use a stick or tool, not your bare hands, to sift through debris.
  • Check for “boil water” advisories in your area. Boil tap water or cook and wash with bottled water if your address is under a “boil water” advisory.
  • If there is structural damage to your home or property, take photographs and contact your insurance company to start a claim.
  • Throw out any food that’s spoiled or that’s come into contact with flood waters.

After a hurricane, you need help fast. From flood recovery to deodorizing and content pack-out and storage, Rainbow Restoration technicians offer recovery services you can trust. Don’t wait. Choose Rainbow. Call (855) 724-6269, for 24/7 emergency service.

Learn how to prepare your family and home before a storm.
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