Residential Specialty Cleaning Services

Your house is your home. It's a place for you, your family, friends and pets to relax, let loose and live. Keeping your home clean means allowing yourself to enjoy your space to its fullest – but it's no easy task. From grout stains to smelly carpeting, admin/config/system/site-information is here to help.

At Rainbow Restoration, we specialize in a wide variety of cleaning services. Unlike our friends at Molly Maid, we aren't your solution for weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning; we're your go-to for truly troubling stains, odors, dirty air vents and other deep cleaning issues.

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Our residential cleaning services are conducted by IICRC-certified professionals operating in over 300 locations in the United States and Canada. Our technicians take pride in their work and it shows. Navigate the links below to learn more about our specialty cleaning solutions:

If your home has suffered a flood or fire, or has experienced the heavy wear and tear common in busy households, we can help. To tackle these tougher jobs, we offer home carpet restoration as a complement to our residential carpet cleaning services.

After a disaster at your home, it’s not just your interior or structure that will require remediation, but your personal belongings too. Fire, smoke, water, and mold all pose a danger to your possessions and the health of your household.

In the past months, our news has been dominated by information about coronavirus disease (COVID-19). A respiratory illness spread by person-to-person contact, COVID-19 is now spreading throughout the United States and Canada. It’s time to take action.